Essential Anatomy Kit

In the mid 70s, Dr. Doug Butler went to Cornell University to get an advanced degree because he wanted to further his understanding of the horse. There, he met Dr. Wolfgang Sack who became a great mentor to Dr. Butler. Dr. Sack was a master in understanding and teaching anatomy. He understood that in order to make anatomy a part of you that you must study and memorize. It was his idea to take a horse limb and attach leather bands to it for the purpose of studying and teaching. Dr. Butler took this a step further by making his own models and produced an educational video entitled Bones and Ligaments of the Horse’s Leg. Though the video is over 20 years old, it has remained a best-seller from the Doug Butler Enterprises Library. Many have found it useful as a study aid to prepare for theory portions of certification exams as well as those just wanting to have a better understanding of the horse so they can be better practitioners and owners.

Taking it yet another step further, Doug Butler Enterprises has now introduced the Essential Anatomy Kit. It is available and convenient to assemble and reassemble over and over again. This invaluable teaching tool is useful in reviewing and retaining anatomical terms. Studies show that when learning something new doing something is 7 times more effective than just seeing and hearing. This kit allows you to hold the horse’s leg in your hand; feeling how the joints move and following the tendons to where they attach.

The kit includes the model of the lower leg (including 9 bones, 4 tendons and 21 ligaments), an instructional DVD and a study guide workbook.

The Essential Anatomy Kit is a practical visual aid to carry in your horseshoeing or veterinarian rig to help explain anatomical function and possible lameness issues with clients. Horse owners appreciate a visual reference as you explain what is going on with their horses. The kit also works well for demonstrations to pony clubs and 4-H groups. Because it is made out of a synthetic material, there is no odor or worry of the leg decomposing over time. This benefit also discourages the family cat or dog from chewing it up!

Whether you are preparing to take a certification exam, wanting to increase your value as a trusted consultant, or a horse owner wanting to better understand your own horse, the Essential Anatomy Kit will help you. To take your theory skills to the next level and order an Essential Anatomy Kit today!

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