FAQ 4: What main problems do horses have with their feet?

Oct 30, 2009 by Butler2318 Category: FAQ's, Horse Foot Care 0 comments

What are the main problems horses have with their feet and how do you solve them?

The most common problems with horses that are ridden relate to conformation issues that cause a predisposition to lameness. Conformation is highly heritable. Horses with comparatively straight legs, in addition to being rougher to ride, will develop concussion-related conditions with use such as ringbone, sidebone, pedal osteitis, and the concussion type of navicular disease. Horses with extremely sloping (soft) pasterns are smoother to ride but may develop tendon or ligament sprain with use as well as a compression type of navicular disease. Selection of a sound horse that is as close to an ideal conformation as possible will provide the best chance of remaining sound for any use. Horses are designed for movement. Inactivity, over feeding, and poor conditioning has ruined many horses by laminitis and founder. Therapeutic shoes of various types that mechanically support and facilitate movement are designed, forged, and applied to each individual circumstance. The most experienced and qualified farrier will be the least expensive in the long run.

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