Are you a professional farrier looking to take your skills to the next level? Do you want to become a farrier and want to get started on the right foot? Or are you just looking to learn the best way you can care for your horses?

Butler Professional Horseshoeing School

Butler Professional Farrier School offers basic horseshoeing classes as well as advanced and customized training, taught by instructors that have been in the industry for more than 45 years. It takes more than watching a video or reading about horseshoeing to be a successful, professional farrier. Since you’re serious about your success, you’ve realized that there are at least 2 keys to your success:

  • First, you need to learn from an experienced and skilled farrier that knows the industry.
  • Second, mastering farrier skills doesn’t happen by just reading a book and watching some videos. You need hands-on, real-life, experience.
  • Ultimately, in order for you to be successful, it’s not about whether or not you should attend a horseshoeing school, it’s about finding the best horseshoeing school.

Are you ready for success?

We don’t just teach you a skill, we teach you how to succeed! Our business is putting farriers in business! We’ll teach you how to grow a profitable, rewarding farrier business when you graduate. Butler Professional Farrier School has a total approach of applying knowledge and techniques to develop your farrier mastery and business strategy. Learn from a team of America’s top farrier experts – the Butler Team! Invest in a new skill — invest in yourself. It makes good horse sense.

Learn from qualified and experienced farrier instructors

Our farrier instructors at Butler Professional Farrier School literally wrote the ultimate textbook on horseshoeing (link to P3). Our instructors have a combined 65+ years of horseshoeing and teaching experience, and are eager to share what they know with you. They’ve been out in the field and know the business. From trimming and shoeing to horse anatomy, you’ll learn all aspects of the farrier business, and you’ll learn it straight from the Butler Team, including Doug Butler, internationally known farrier and teacher with more than 45 years’ teaching experience.

Learn with horses, not just textbooks!

At Butler Professional Farrier School, there are horses for you to shoe when you walk out of the classroom each morning. We provide an exceptional, focused environment where you learn the newest techniques and sound practical principles. Our balanced curriculum covers seven critical skill areas and teaches you what it takes to become a competent farrier. We emphasize safety and have high expectations for our students.

Featured Books & DVDs on Horseshoeing

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Hear From Our Past Students

“It’s like a traveling textbook to carry in my truck!  I’ve picked it up, found a subject I was thinking about or had a question about, and quickly read up on that particular subject.  It’s good to remind me of things you present in a concise way.  I like the pictures in it.” — Aaron Phillips, KS

“It’s good to carry with me to get a quick reference.  It brings back what I learned in school. I like the new pictures, especially the drawings that have color-coded, different parts.  It helps me to be able to grasp details in my mind again.  The book is excellent!  Matter of fact I’ve recommended it on my Facebook page!” —  Duane Sapp, GA

“I owe my wonderful career as a farrier to the sound teaching I have received through all your books.  Thank you for being a pioneer through your efforts to revive this trade.” — Mike Spitzer, VA

“With the anatomy part, I’m able to show my clients different pictures to explain things and help them see what I’m seeing.” — Brenton Flohe, TX

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