FAQ #11 In my horseshoeing business, what is the best way to raise my prices for trimming and shoeing?

This question and its answer depends upon your experience, length of time in practice, how many clients you currently have, status of your local economy, competition, etc.   Do you provide perceivable value for your clients?  How will you communicate this change — will you call and tell them, send them a letter,  postcard or email, or do you have a creative method of your own?  Even your choice of communication can make a difference.

Many factors enter into the decision and your accompanying plan.

The end of a fiscal year is a good time to announce price increases for the new year.  Another good time is when you become extremely busy, such as in the springtime or beginning of summer.

In your communication with your clients, clearly explain your intentions.   Enumerate the values you provide.  When distance is involved to reach your clients, perhaps an increase in your travel charge is one way to help defray expenses that eat into your profit.

See our next blog for additional ways to provide value to your customers and their equine partners.

Good luck!

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