FAQ #10 Do I have to read all the pages in The Principles of Horseshoeing (P3) before coming to your school?

Answer: You are not required to read all the pages before you arrive.

You’ll find after enrolling and completing the application process that a copy of P3 will be sent to you, and you are at liberty to use your copy to read and study as you wish. There is a homework assignment on five chapters to turn in the first day of class. Many students have studied considerable parts of the book before coming, and doing that does help you “hit the ground running” when you get here.

Ask yourself, “Would I rather study with instructors who wrote the book or an instructor who just read the book [and perhaps only part of it]?” At Butler Professional Farrier School, we teach you specific ways to apply “P3” to YOUR needs.

You have complete information under one cover, written in an easy-to-read and understand style. Difficult words are defined for you, and there is a glossary of horse terms. It summarizes early blacksmithing and horseshoeing books. It is indexed, encyclopedic and systematic to help you find what you need. This highly illustrated book is where you learn about horses — not just horse’s feet. It explains the why as well as the how to do horseshoeing and to make a living doing it.

Our system enables you to subconsciously learn correct principles you will apply throughout your professional farrier career. You will not be required to read chapters, as you would in a college course, before the lecture. Rather you’ll be introduced to the subject matter first, and you’ll find your homework then relates to topics you’re already familiar with and have even applied immediately after the lecture time in a hands-on setting with live horses.

Our students report their satisfaction with our method of teaching. They like knowing what they can expect each day. Success, of course, depends on how much individual students put into the learning process.

Interestingly, Business Coach, Alan Weiss, states, “If you read just 25 pages of a 700-page book and simply read it five days a week, you will finish it in about 6 weeks”! So, for those of you who apply early, you will have plenty of time to read the whole book if you want to before you arrive!

We’ve even had people, who bought P3 when it was first published, report they’ve read the whole book as much as three times.

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