Real Balance by Marsha Butler

One of the most rewarding benefits to me in conducting closing interviews when our students are completing their farrier classes is to hear them say, “I understand Balance now – I never realized it was so important”!  And it is important both to horses and to people.

During our Farrier Focus® Conferences, we emphasized the importance of balance in the lives of farriers, especially when it comes to their family relationships. It was always rewarding to read testimonials that showed farriers “got it.” 

One such testimonial means even more since the person who wrote it has since passed away after a battle with cancer.  This respected colleague, King Lamadora, wrote and said,

“I was in awe of the Focus.  The 21st century is truly an age of information, and bringing the art of farriery and business together with a balanced life is important. My family commented that they enjoyed my time                      with them during the holidays, and they said I was managing my time a whole lot better.  It’s a start and only the beginning.” 

We sincerely hope his family had many more years after this particular Farrier Focus Conference to enjoy his companionship.

A few days ago, we concluded our annual Butler Family Reunion, and it meant so much to hear words of gratitude from parents who enumerated events that meant so much to their children – our grandchildren!   I treasure one daughter-in-law’s comments when she said, “It is experiences like this reunion that help keep balance in our lives, and, though it is expensive in time and resources, its value is clear.” 

An appreciated mentor, Alan Weiss, writes a monthly newsletter titled, “Balancing Act.” Among the many good points in his most recent edition, he stressed the importance of taking time “every two weeks … to have an entire day to yourself.”  We suggest this is a good time not only to relax but to realign goals and spend time with those important in your lives. 

We encourage you to live your life with gratitude, hope and anticipation as you continue to build worthwhile memories.  Above all, cherish family.

While the future may not resemble the past in many ways, there will be new ways for each of us to discover meaning, balance and success in our lives. While the economic times may be uncertain, each of us needs to pause and count our blessings, determine that we will remain optimistic, and tightly hold on to the values, experiences and family that fill our lives with goodness.

We’re grateful for new acquaintances and old friends alike who continue to support us as the trusted voice of continuing farrier education.

Alan Weiss recommends taking time “to enjoy” and to “focus on the outcome of your work!”  He concluded by stating, “If you are not happy, optimistic, and energetic when you first arise in the morning, you need to change some things about your life.”

The Butler Team feels this is great advice.  We’re now in our 37th year of helping farriers build firm foundations for horses, business and life!  We invite you to come along for the ride – “it’s worth it,” as our students say!

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