Special Holiday Offer!

With the holidays approaching, we are offering a discount on the Hands-On Teaching Models and Study Aids collection at Doug Butler Enterprises, Inc. The Ringbone model which typically retails for $120 is now available at the reduced price of $99. The Foundered Foot Model which retails at $79 is now available for $59. This promotional offer ends on Friday, December 15.

These study aids can be a great gift for farriers, veterinarians and horseowners. These models are practical visual aids to carry in your horseshoeing or veterinarian rig to help explain anatomical function and possible lameness issues with clients. Horse owners appreciate a visual reference as you explain what is going on with their horses. The teaching models also work well for demonstrations to pony clubs and 4-H groups. Because it is made out of a synthetic material, there is no odor or worry of the leg decomposing over time. This allows the model to be shipped internationally as well.

Whether you are preparing to take a certification exam, wanting to increase your value as a trusted consultant, or a horse owner wanting to better understand your own horse, these study guides will be a valuable asset. Click here to order the Ringbone Model (use Special Code: ringbone) and Foundered Foot Model (use Special Code: founder).

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