$ix-Figure $hoeing

Six Figure Shoeing, Doug Butler Enterprises

Six Figure Shoeing is an incredible resource with how-to’s for building a profitable and rewarding farrier business.

We all want to be successful. Most people get into the farrier trade for two reasons: love of horses and the independence of owning a business. Doing what you love and getting paid for it on your own terms can be liberating and rewarding. However, too many of us, as small business owners, do not reach our maximum potential. The farriers who have built the most successful enterprises, have taken time to hone their business acumen.

There are a lot of extremely talented farriers. There are fewer extremely successful ones. Talent alone does not translate to money. Studying and implementing better business practices will allow us to enjoy doing the work while also feeling fairly compensated.

Unfortunately, some farriers see the business side of the job as drudgery so they neglect it. Some are afraid of it because it seems too difficult to understand. Some are unaware of the amount of money that comes in through revenue or the money that goes out through expenses. They inaccurately suppose that because they made a certain dollar amount for a shoeing job that that is their profit. Profit is what is left over after expenses are calculated! Paying close attention to detail is the key to maximizing the bottom line. Six figure shoers know how much their expenses are, down to the penny amount of each nail they drive in a job. Once we learn how to maximize profits through careful business study, it can become fun!

A lot of farriers don’t know where to begin. In order to study more about business, we feel like we have to adapt statistics and information from other fields of labor. Dr. Doug Butler has written Six-Figure Shoeing, the only book available on how to run a successful farrier business. Any farrier who wants to take his or her business to the next level, should read this book. Six-Figure Shoeing by Dr. Doug Butler is available here.

To learn more about Six-Figure Shoeing, listen to our latest podcast, an interview with Dr. Doug Butler about developing better business skills. Available on Itunes and Stitcher.

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