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Reviewed by Jacob Butler CJF, AWCF of Butler Professional Farrier School LLC, January 22, 2014
I enjoyed reading Horse Vet, Chronicles of a Mobile Veterinarian by Dr. Courtney Diehl.  It is an easy read with real life stories of what to expect as a horse vet. I think anyone considering the idea of becoming a veterinarian should read this book.  It will paint a picture of the realities, joys, and challenges that come with being a mobile horse veterinarian.  These are experiences that are unique and, as she describes, “you just can’t make up.”

As I read the part about mentorship I appreciated knowing Dr. George Platt and was reminded of experiences I was able to have with him.  He was a great veterinarian and is one of my heroes! The experiences that Dr. Diehl had with Dr. Platt can be a reminder to us all to make sure we make the most of opportunities and experiences with our mentors.  It is great to have a mentor that you can consult with, and not feel like you’re all alone. Sometimes, as Dr. Diehl describes in her book, you can still hear what they would have said or done as they continue to influence and guide you, after they are gone.

There is a section in the book where Dr. Diehl described some of her clients as “the clients from hell.”  I think most veterinarians and farriers could agree that they have met some of the Phoebes, Vendettas, Jessamines, or Primas.  It helps to know you are not the only one to have some of these experiences and how someone else has dealt with similar problems. Dr. Diehl explains that these individuals should be identified so you can be aware and not caught off guard. As certain experiences happen we should forgive and not forget so we don’t have other similar experiences.

I am a farrier and I appreciate working with a knowledgeable veterinarian, united as a team working for the best outcome of the horse and owner.  Dr. Diehl’s experience with “Ghost,” shows how a farrier and veterinarian can come together working with the horse owner, not knowing the immediate effect of their treatment, but supporting one another as they worked, to save the horse.   As she describes, the result isn’t always immediate, but in this case the horse was able to make a recovery.

Dr. Diehl’s attitude about working with a qualified farrier is important for the best outcome for all involved, especially the horse.  She states, “…with an anvil seems to come an opinion.”  It can be frustrating for a horse owner when trying to help a horse hearing a variety of opinions. Dr. Diehl describes “barefoot wars” having only added to the confusion.  

Dr. Diehl’s choice in wanting to set up a private practice and how considerate she was of other future colleagues by looking into an area before setting down roots is honorable.  However, not all individuals view it that way, as some individuals become territorial.  It is unfortunate how some choose to respond. We have a choice and Dr. Diehl tells us what she learned from her own experience how to best respond. It is not easy to admit that your own actions weren’t the best choice to begin with. I respect Dr. Diehl for sharing a very personal experience and how she uses this as a self-teaching opportunity.  

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it. I recognize the amount of time involved in writing a book and the sacrifice at times in other areas as one seeks to complete such a project. It is wonderful to have the support of family and friends as we continue in our chosen profession.  I appreciate the experiences that Dr. Courtney Diehl has shared and believe they can help us more thoroughly enjoy our careers and lives.


  1. JosselinMay 02, 2014   

    Hello,I am considering a caeerr as a farrier after high school, and I found your program while doing some research.I was just wondering if room & board are included in the tutition costs?Are students required to purchase all of their own tools before the course?Thank you for your time!-Rebecca BakerWisconsin

    • Butler Farrier SchoolMay 05, 2014   

      We list housing separately since some choose to stay off-site. We can provide you with a list of tools to purchase before your arrival or we do have a tool rental for the class duration. If you have more questions, please email me at jacob@dougbutler.com Thanks, Jacob

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