New Year Brings New Opportunities

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At DBE, we look forward to a NEW Year! Yet, along with many others we’ve talked to, we realize the importance of doing the best we can in the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

When you meet true professional farriers, they do what they do because they like the challenge. They get pleasure from completing a difficult and exacting task. Of course, occasionally there are “bumps” in the road.


We all are subject to the winds of adversity. When faced with that, it is most helpful to focus on the desired end result. Don’t focus on blaming someone or something for your situation. Rather focus on the best course of action to achieve the solution you desire. We always get what we focus on. The storms of adversity can cause us to grow in surprising ways. As someone has said, “If you want a rainbow, you’ve gotta put up with the rain.”

What are your plans for the new year? It is important to spend time everyday studying, planning, setting goals and visualizing achieving those goals. Those that do are able to achieve way more than those that don’t.

Have you thought about how you can concentrate on positive things you can do something about? Do you have plans to meet new people and read new books? Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The person you are at the end of the year will be mostly the result of the books you read and the persons you meet.”

Have you set a goal to read and study a certain number of books in your field of interest (or related ones)? Do you make an effort to meet people who are inspiring examples for you in your life? Have you committed yourself to setting and achieving goals for the various roles in your life?

Do you do something that will lift your spirit each day? What about studying inspirational books at a set time each day (such as early morning) or finding ways to give service to those around you, especially those in your own family?

Have you evaluated or taken inventory of your strengths and your weaknesses? Have you asked yourself, “What is a specific area of my life I can improve that will make it more profitable, less stressful, and totally enjoyable?” In doing so, be sure to set practical, reasonable, and most of all, achievable goals!

What will be your personal improvement theme for 2013? A one or two word theme can help you focus on the things you consider most important in life. Do it!

Happy New Year!

Doug, Jake, and Pete Butler
Butler Professional Farrier School, LLC

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